Why The Rowenta Delta Force Stick Vacuum Wins High Marks?

Rowenta Delta Force Stick Vacuum is the new innovation of bagless and cordless vacuum cleaner. Equipped with Delta Force cyclonic technology and motorized Delta Head, this can provide you with superb vacuum performance.

The Delta Force 18V cordless stick vacuum is extremely easy to manage as it is lightweight. It has a triangle head that swivels up at 180 degrees and efficiently glide on corners and edges of floors. The 18V battery of this cordless vacuum cleaner can efficiently provide you with power to tackle all tasks without recharging.

Well, people from all walks of life can purchase and benefit from Rowenta Delta Force 18V cordless bagless stick vacuum. The runtime and performance of this machine can ensure that you can quickly clean your hard floor and carpet from dust and dirt.

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The Great Features of Rowenta Delta Force 18V Cordless Stick Vacuum

The important features of this vacuum are highlighted here:

  • It’s a lightweight and convenient vacuum as it’s a bagless and cordless cleaner.
  • The Energy Star 18-volt battery of this vacuum is capable of 30-min runtime on carpet, and 40-min runtime on hard floors without the need of recharging, making it ideal for daily use.
  • Delta Force Cyclonic Technology: It accelerates vacuumed air through 3 filtrations systems provide capable of powerful and sustained suction.
  • 180-Degrees Swivel Head: The triangle head of this vacuum cleaner can rotate up to 1i80-degrees, making it efficient clean low-medium pile carpet, area rugs, and hard floors. The triangle shaped swivel head of this vacuum cleaner is equipped with optimized suction canals and motorized brush for incomparable maneuverability.
  • Self-standing Position: Rowenta Delta Force stick vacuum cleaner is ready to use and does not require assembly and set-up. This feature also makes this vacuum cleaner ideal for storage in limited spaces like pantries and closets.
  • Loop Handle: The handle of this product is equipped with soft touch and easy control buttons. The upright height position of the handle will not require you to bend down while cleaning. He controls are ergonomically positioned on the handle for easy operation.
  • This 47-inch tall full upright vacuum height reduces the need to bend down while cleaning.
  • It is also equipped with 33 oz removable dust container, and three-positions cleaning action to switch between off, carpet and floor.
  • 1-year limited warranty.
    Rowenta Delta Force Stick Vacuum


Rowenta Delta Force Stick Vacuum – The Pros, Cons and Customer Reviews


  • The included comfortable handle and large ergonomic handle of Rowenta Delta Force Stick Vacuum cleaner makes it easy and comfortable to use. The upright position of the handle eliminates the need of bending down frequently enabling you finish the job without having back ache.
  • This vacuum cleaner from Rowenta Delta Force series has high capacity rechargeable battery and low energy consumption motor when compared to its counterparts. This means that you can clean your floor from dirt, and dust in one vacuum cycle without the need of recharging.
  • It is lightweight and convenient to use and ideal for storage. It is highly necessary for a being to being lightweight as this allows you to tackle more jobs without easily getting tired.
  • Long-life foam filter is 100% washable and reusable to save cost of having to replace it.
  • It has two speeds; the low and high operation. Low is perfect to use on hardwood floors and high for carpet floors. The brush of the head can efficiently eliminate even those hard to get dust on the floor.
  • The wheels on the triangular shaped vacuum cleaner provide superb glide precision for hard floor to carpeted floors.
  • Being bagless and cordless are among the things that make this machine outstanding from its counterparts. Delta Force 18V cordless bagless stick vacuum allows you to clean floor surfaces on areas without wall socket for power supply.
  • 4-color available for you to choose from and you can view all the colors here.


This stick vacuum belongs to a high price range product as it cost about $150 – can be expensive for a stick vacuum. However, the feature, performance, and benefits that it offers to users give credit to its cost. This can actually provide you with highly convenient cleaning performance.

Any cordless vacuums having problem of recharging the vacuum after certain periods, but this Rowenta vacuum that last for 30 – 40 mins is very good compare to Hoover Linx that last 15 – 30 mins. This is obvious if your rooms if big.

About Consumer Reviews and Ratings:

Well, if you read a Rowenta Delta Force stick vacuum review at Amazon.com, you will see that most customers have given a higher score to the product because it is slim, lightweight and longer battery life. This implies that it has met the expectations of customers especially when it comes to its performance and quality.

Many customers also write a comparison between this vacuum with some other best stick vacuum like Hoover Linx cordless vacuum, so it’s worth for you to read the reviews on Amazon.


Conclusion: One Of The Best Stick Vacuum Out There!

This vacuum cleaner can be plugged anywhere in the house without the need of charging stand as it stands by itself. The 33 oz dust tank is large enough to accommodate the dust and debris removed from the floor. The filter is also washable and reusable.

Rowenta Delta Force stick vacuum is also used Energy Star certified battery with low energy consumption. This means that you can clean your average floor in one cleaning cycle without the need of recharging the vacuum cleaner.

So are you ready to get a good stick vacuum that can help you better clean your house? Then get your hand on Rowenta Delta Force Stick Vacuum. We also help you do some research and found that Amazon.com offering this product at reasonable price.

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