The Stick Vacuum Vs Canister Vacuum Comparisons

Vacuum cleaner is an excellent and effective aid in cleaning and filtering airborne allergens and other dust in the air. However, before buying a vacuum cleaner, one must consider choosing the best type of vacuum that can deliver excellent results.

Canister vacuum is a light vacuum cleaner and easier to carry. This type of vacuum cleaner is powerful than other vacuum cleaners and suitable for different types of flooring especially hard floors. These vacuums have a better flow-rate, suction and perform faster cleaning.

Stick vacuum is a lightweight version of the upright vacuum. Though it is not as powerful as the upright, some of this vacuum comes with different accessories or attachments. This vacuum is an easy to store and simple to use and is suitable for different types of flooring at home.


Overview of Canister and Stick Vacuum

Vacuum cleaners help individuals remove all dirt, pet hair and dust at home leaving the surfaces of your homes as clean as always. This also provides you with an array of advantages such as cleaning your home when you are away and saves energy and time. The canister, upright, robot and stick vacs are among the popular cleaners and this section we will looking at stick and canister vacuums.

  • Canister Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuum cleaner have a better maneuverability and they are best for cleaning stairs and other dirty places especially those that are hard to reach (behind and under the furniture, drapes, blinds, upholstery). The design of canister is that the motor and suction head are separated for easy to operate since you just need to move the wand and not the entire vacuum cleaner which also makes it very effective for tight spaces and stairs.

Since some of the canister cleaner has a sound insulation, they deliver more silent and smooth operation. Canister is also equipped with an upholstery brush, and crevice nozzle to better increase their effectivity on rugs and carpets. This is a versatile vacuum cleaner because of its practicality and reliable functionality. Nowadays, most of the canisters have HEPA filters that can captures 99.97% of dusts and pollens and it’s good for those that suffer allergies and asthma.

  • Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Stick vacuum are basically smaller and easier to use which makes it easy to move around. Most stick vacuums come in 10 pounds which makes it as a huge benefit for users for ease of use. With stick vac, both motor and suction head are put in the same unit and user just push in front of it to clean. This is easy to operate because of the advanced technologies that make the vacuum cleaning function with less effort. This helps you quickly clean your homes.

When it comes to noise, there are some vacuum cleaners that clean with so much noise. One good thing about stick vacuum is its ability to perform cleaning with a less chance of disturbing your family member in your home. They are less noise as compared to other larger model. Also, while canister models are mostly carded, the stick comes with corded and cordless models. The cordless models are powered by rechargeable battery.

stick vacuum vs canister vacuum

Stick Vacuum Vs. Canister Vacuum Comparisons

On various aspects, the canister vacuum is better than stick vacuum as you need to pay more for the canister device. So if you required powerful suction and do not have budget constraints, you can get a canister for better clean up. If, you like small, lightweight and even cordless cleaner, then you can get a cheaper stick vacuum.

Following are the comparisons between the two types of vacuums:

 WeightCordedSuitable Floor Type Affordability
Canister vacuumMost of these vacuum cleaners are around 12-17 pounds and bigger.Almost all
has power cord.
They perform better on any hard floors surfaces and can use for above floors cleaning. Versatile and powerful, usually more expensive than stick vacs.
Stick vacuumMost of the stick vacuum cleaners are small with around 10 pounds and can be store easily.Optional: cordless and corded models are available.Good to perform quick cleanups for all type of surfaces, less power. Some can detach to become handheld vac.Very versatile and cost less expensive than their bigger counterparts.


Previously, the traditional vacs like canisters and uprights are always a prefer choice for house cleaning. But since the new technology was used in designing the stick vacuums, it’s getting better and better in catering the household cleaning needs. So, the stick vacuum can be ideal or add as an alternative machine for quick clean up.

When considering the overall use and effectiveness, the canister vacuum cleaner has a clear advantage over the stick vacuum. But the price you pay for a reliable canister unit can reach thousand and most of the stick vacs is far cheaper.

Before buying a vacuum cleaner, consider making a research on the best features of each model to make the most informed buying decision. Remember that a clean and healthy home promotes better family relationship and happier life.

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