The Advantages of Having Small Vacuum Cleaner

Today, people all over the world prefer to buy small vacuum cleaners due to the easiness to use. Vacuum cleaners are used for improving the indoor air quality, which is essential for keeping you healthy.

A good vacuum cleaner removes smells, sucks up pet hair, and demolishes dust and dirt. These are also ideal for people who live in small apartments or houses.

The small vacs here refer to cleaners like handheld, portable, stick and electric brooms. This article will guide you on why choosing a small vacuum cleaner.


Small Vacuum Features

Some of the smaller sized vacuums have filters and high powered brushes that will allow for a greater level of filtration and pickup. When searching for the right model for your needs, check the wattage level, the brush type(s), and the type of filter on the model.

Models without filters tend to allow a fairly large percentage of dust to be blown around and not stored within the unit.

Those who have allergies or simply want their surroundings to be as clean as they can be will definitely want to find a small vacuum with a filter and a good brush. Most models clearly stated if the unit has a HEPA filters. The HEPA filters will remove and trap more than 99% of the allergens that your vacuum picks up.

Of course there are some other features to look for when you wish to buy a small vacuum as outline in the homepage.


Advantages of Using Portable Vacuum Cleaners

A small or portable vacuum is a convenient tool when cleaning homes or commercial buildings. It will allow for quick and complete pickup of dirt, debris, hair, and pet fur.

Smaller vacuums allow users to quickly clean areas such as vehicles, stairs, furniture, and draperies without having to lug around a large vacuum that simply would not work well for these uses.


  1. Lightweight, smaller in size

The demand for small vacuum cleaners is increasing tremendously due to a number of reasons. These vacuum cleaners are coming with similar features of large vacuum cleaners except the size. Compared to large ones, small vacuum cleaners are light weighted and flexible. Therefore, you can handle it very easily and effortlessly. Due to the smaller size, you can pull, push, carry or lift it very easily.

Easier to store is the other major advantage of small vacuum cleaners. If the space is a constraint, small vacuum is the perfect solution because it does not take much space for storage. Many can be tucked away in areas such as storage closets, under a bed, or next to a refrigerator. A smaller sized vacuum is efficient, lighter, and quieter than other options.

Small vacuums like handheld or stick vacs come in a variety of sizes and shapes that are convenient and easy to move from one area to another. Many men and women find small vacuums much easier to use because they don’t require heavy lifting. Those who suffer from back or neck pain appreciate small vacuums portability and ease of use.


  1. Quiet Vacuum

Those who don’t like the noise that regular sized vacuums can dish out will appreciate the sound levels from small vacuums. The motor of these types of vacuum cleaners is smaller. Therefore, they work quieter than larger ones. If you are not ready to tolerate the drone of large vacuum cleaners, smaller one is the best option. You can also use it even when the others are sleeping.

Most regular size vacuums create around 70 decibels while smaller vacuums can be as much as 10 decibels less than this. The difference is comparable to listening to a couple of people talking, instead of listening to a loud vacuum.


  1. Cheaper Price

Another important benefit is that small vacuums are typically cheaper than their larger counterparts. So, you need not spend more money to keep your indoors perfectly clean. It is also the best for small houses and caravans because of its small size. You can also do the work more efficiently and quickly with it.

Many smaller vacuums offer similar options and power in a smaller unit at a variety of prices with a variety of colors and designs to choose from. To find the perfect small vacuum you have been looking for, think of your must have list and set a budget that you are comfortable with.



Usually you need a small vacuum for quick cleaning but if you want effective cleaning, you should get a more powerful machines like upright and canister vac.

Unless you are staying in a small apartment without pet, then a portable vacuum can be an ideal choice. This site also provides recommendations and reviews on some of the reliable stick vacuums for your reference.

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