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Secrets to Know Before Getting a Cordless Stick Vacuum

When you have a cordless stick vacuum you will find it extremely convenient enough to clean up any kinds of mess around the house and even take it outside to clean up small spills and messes.

So, the next time that your child spills something be it on the carpet, the car or the patio you need not get worried as with the cordless stick vacuum cleaning will no longer be a chore. The main purpose of the cordless stick vacuum is to conveniently clean up any spills and mess wherever they might be without much trouble to the home owner.


The Two Types of Cordless Vacuums

The cordless stick vacuum can be bought in two versions which are hand held vacuums and the other one is stick models. They come to the consumer by different names. For instance, the hand held ones are even called Dust buster, Dirt Devil and the stick models are also called stick sweepers, stick vacuums and electric brooms.

The main selling point for small vacuums like stick or handheld models is that the cleaner is cheap and lightweight. This is especially true when getting the handheld vacuum that is also good for cleaning interior of car.

But you should know that the lightweight cleaners is not for heavy cleaning especially if your house is big and comes with several pet at home. So, following are some of the tips to help you get a suitable cordless vac model for your home.


Tips to Choose a Reliable Cordless Vacuum

The thing with cordless stick vacuum is that there are so many of them available out there that choosing the right one can certainly become a difficult enough task. When you considering buying a cordless vacuum for yourself there a few features that you must look at if you want to ensure that you get the right one for yourself.

The very first thing that you must look for is the warranty that the cordless stick vacuum comes to you with and if you will be able to return it if you are not satisfied with it. The reason being when you bring the cordless stick vacuum what might have looked like a wonderfully working piece of machine might not be so and fall short of your expectations.

Secondly, the operation durations. All the cordless vacuums are power by rechargeable battery that can be operated only for fifteen to twenty minutes duration. That might be too short a time frame to allow you to clean up messes therefore, look for cordless stick vacuum that at least works for about thirty minutes without stopping and switching off.

There are cordless vacuum model that have low emissions and are therefore able to suck up all the small dust particles lying around. This can be a real boon compared to that cordless cleaner that might actually splatter the small dust particles all around. This can actually turn out to be quite harmful as it will spread the germs and allergens all around.

Moreover, check if the stick vacuum is able to actually scoop up the mess on the floor, or else what might happen is that it will push it around but not help you to be able to pick it up. Also, ensure that the cordless stick vacuum has a good filter on it as this will keep all the allergens and dust mites at bay.

Also, check if your new appliance is good enough to vacuum the carpet and make sure the cost is within your budget. With all of these features you are set to use it for life.

Note: You should read the 10 tips on choosing a good stick vacuum available at our home page.


Cordless Stick Vacuum Recommendations

  1. Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum

This is properly among the best seller cordless model for long time at The great features with affordable price make it stand out from the crowd. Get more info about this cleaner here.


  1. Dyson V8 Absolute Cord Free Vacuum

This cordless Dyson cleaner is powered by Dyson digital motor V8 and hence can produces powerful cleaning up to 40 minutes. You can expect this sturdy build vacuum is very effective, fast charging and it comes with HEPA filtration. Visit this page for Dyson ranges of hot selling vacuum products.


How to Maintain Your Hardwood Floors?

Hardwood floors are luxurious features to have in a home, and are a highly desired feature when purchasing a new home. There are many reasons for this. First of all, they do not attract the mold and allergens that a carpet often does so it is better for those with allergies. However, with this beautiful flooring choice, you may find that is it not as easy to maintain as a carpeted floor and requires a lot of restrictions to prevent it from getting scratched up. Hardwood floors are great for your home, so it is worth the extra effort.


Tips to Maintain The Hardwood Floor

How to Maintain Your Hardwood FloorWith a hardwood floor, you can sweep up the floor to get rid of the dust and debris on your hardwood. This can be a tedious process that is not easy on your joints and back. You do have the option to vacuum your hardwood floor, but you need to be careful to choose the right option for this. You will want to pick a vacuum cleaner that is specifically made for hardwood floors. Otherwise you will run the risk of scratching and scuffing the surface of the hardwood floor. There are many other things that you need to do to maintain your hardwood floor.

  1. Cleaning

If you are looking for a vacuum for your hardwood floor, one particularly good choice is the Bissell PowerEdge pet hard floor corded vacuum. This is a vacuum that is made specifically for your delicate hardwood floor. Here are some features that you can find with this vacuum:

  • This vacuum has non-marking rubber wheels that are safe for sliding along your hardwood floor without scratching its surface.
  • It is a very lightweight and compact option that is easy to move around your house and even easier to store.
  • The controls are quite literally at your fingertips, making using this product extremely easy.
  • It is a bagless option that means you have a dust cup that you can easily dump without its contents spilling all over the place.
  • The vacuum’s brush is made with soft bristles, making it extra delicate on your floor.
  • It has very powerful suction that is capable of picking up even the most stubborn of dust, debris and pet hair.

Another vacuum option to consider is the Eureka 3670G Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum. This is a good choice if you have both hardwood flooring and carpeting. Here are some other features you can find with this vacuum:

  • This has a 12 amp power that can really get everything off of your flooring.
  • It has the controls right at your fingertips which add to the convenience of using this product.
  • It has different utensils to help this become a versatile cleaning machine: a dusting brush, a crevice tool, and an upholstery nozzle.
  • The hose and extension wand allows you to clean items like ceiling fans and curtains.
  • It has a blower port, which is used by detaching the hose from the main part of the vacuum cleaner and attaching it to the blower port.
  • It is a lightweight option that you can maneuver with easy where you need to.

If you do not want to vacuum your floor, you can also sweep it up with a soft bristled brush to help protect your flooring. It can also help to make sure that the dustpan has a rubberized ending on it so that you do not scratch up the floor’s surface.  You can also consider the option of dust mopping your floor. Either way, sweeping or vacuuming is the first step to cleaning your floor. This process should be at least done on a daily basis to help make upkeep easier on you. This is also a great idea because dirt and debris that is not picked up regularly can damage your flooring.

After you have cleaned all of the substances off of your floor, you can now begin to make your hardwood floor shine. A cleaner that was made specifically for your hardwood floor is really the best option, otherwise you may get a chemical that is too harsh for your floor and may cause damage. You should also be careful not to use a cleaner that contains wax or oil, as this can make your hardwood floor greasy.

A greasy hardwood floor is difficult to maintain, clean and will be next to impossible to refinish the floor without sanding your floor with a deep sanding pad. You should also avoid cleaners with ammonia in it, bleach, and any other acidic cleaner. This will likely eat through your floor’s finish. When cleaning your hardwood floor, you should never pour the cleaner directly on the floor’s surface. It should always be diluted according to the package’s instructions. You should read the label of the bottle to make sure that it is safe for hardwood floors.

If you use a mop, avoid string types of mops that hold an excessive amount of moisture. These will leave too much moisture on the ground when mopping and is not as effective as other options. These types of mops are guilty of just pushing around dirty water instead of picking up the dirty. A mop that has a microfiber pad is an excellent option, as is a traditional sponge mop if you are careful.

There are also hardwood floor cleaning machines, similar to carpet cleaners, which are made specifically for cleaning hardwood floors. They use the right amount of liquid and chemicals that give a great clean and even dry up your floor after you are done. This can help ensure that no moisture is left after cleaning that will damage your floor.

2.     Spills

All spills should absolutely be cleaned up right away. By letting them sit, some items can eat through the floor’s finish while others will warp your wooden floor boards. Some spills will just simply stain the hardwood surface. No matter what, you do not want to chance it. The minute something spills, pick it up.

Use a cloth that is softer and non-abrasive and make sure that the mess is cleaned up and dried completely. Even the littlest amount left over can damage your flooring. This is a task that does require some care.

3.     Mats and Area Rugs

Placing mats right by doors for people to wipe their feet on is a great idea to help protect your hardwood floors. Placing area rugs and runners in high traffic areas will also provide useful protection for the flooring. You will also want to put flooring mats or smaller carpets in front of your kitchen sink and any other food preparation and eating area where hardwood floors are located. This will help protect the flooring from spills while cooking and prepping. This protection will also assist in protecting your flooring from dropped utensils, glasses, and plates that may damage the floor upon breaking.

When choosing a carpet or mats, make sure you get one with a backing that is no abrasive and will not scratch up your floor’s surface. For things like runners or larger space rugs, you will want to place an adhesive strip underneath to make sure that they stay still. This can be a safety issue, especially with kids running around or just in high traffic areas. You can easily trip on unsecured carpets, so you will want to make sure that they are stuck down pretty well.

4.     Groom Your Pets

You must make sure that your pets have trimmed nails at all times. While they are running around your house, especially larger dogs, their nails can scratch up your floor’s surface quite easily. This can be done simply at your home using the proper nail trimmers and a file. If you do not feel comfortable doing this yourself, or just not able to, you can bring them to a professional groomer or even your vet clinic if they offer these services. This should be done frequently so that the nails do not get too long.

5.     Skip the Heels

Heels, especially those really spiky pairs, can very easily damage your hardwood floor. If you are going to wear these types of shoes, or any shoes with heel taps on them, you will want to consider taking them on and off before walking on your hardwood floor. Even on regular shoes, you may get rocks stuck in the treads at the bottom. If this happens, these rocks or other hard surfaces can also scratch the surface of your floor.

6.     Felt Pads

You will want to consider the option of placing felt pads at the bottom of furniture. This will help protect your floor if the furniture ends up sliding across your floor or if the furniture is an item that is commonly moved around in your home. These pads do an excellent job of protecting your floor’s surface. There are pads that are especially made for furniture, and are very easy to stick onto the furniture. Make sure that every corner of the legs are properly covered, otherwise this is not as effective. Avoid gimmicky items like discs that go under your furniture to help you move it easier. These were really meant for carpeted coloring and may end up doing more damage than good.

7.     Avoid Sunlight or Intense Light Sources

You may not know this, but direct sunlight can do some damage to your hardwood floor. Direct sunlight can change the color of your hardwood flooring. If you have lighter flooring, you will notice this more than if you have darker flooring.

You can avoid this by moving furniture around the room occasionally in order to avoid the same spots from being hit with that direct sunlight every time. You can also utilize black out curtains for windows, or even ones that block out some of the light. Every little bit helps.

When purchasing lights for your rooms with hardwood flooring, pick lights that are not as strong if you can help it even if that means purchasing a few different lights. LED lights are also great options because they do not give as much heat off as incandescent lights.

8.     Humidity

Your home should always be maintained at a certain level of humidity, at levels around 40% and 50%. This is because this is the optimal level of humidity for your own health. This is also the perfect level of humidity to help protect your hardwood flooring and any wooden furniture that you have in your home. The humidity is the amount of moisture in the air. If you have too much moisture in the air, this will affect your wooden furniture and hardwood floor by causing it to warp. You can use equipment to tell the moisture level in the air, and if it is too high, you should consider a de-humidifier to help control the moisture.

9.     Moving Furniture

You should take great care when moving furniture on a hardwood floor. You should get help to pick up the furniture, rather than drag it along the floor. You can also get an upside down mat on the floor underneath the furniture if you cannot get help so that you can safely slide the furniture along the floor without scratching up the surface of your floor. The same goes with appliances. If you cannot get help to lift the appliances, you should consider a plywood board to slide the appliances along or getting an appliance lift.



Hardwood floors are beautiful but they are extremely delicate. They can be scratched up easily, so you will want to take every precaution to avoid this. This can be a costly mistake, as well as a very time consuming one. If you scratch up your floor, you will likely have to go through steps to refinish the floor. This includes sanding and refinishing. After a floor is refinished, you can generally not walk on for a while after the refinishing. This is a process that can be avoided if you take care of your flooring on a regular basis and take note of these tips.

The Advantages of Having Small Vacuum Cleaner

Today, people all over the world prefer to buy small vacuum cleaners due to the easiness to use. Vacuum cleaners are used for improving the indoor air quality, which is essential for keeping you healthy.

A good vacuum cleaner removes smells, sucks up pet hair, and demolishes dust and dirt. These are also ideal for people who live in small apartments or houses.

The small vacs here refer to cleaners like handheld, portable, stick and electric brooms. This article will guide you on why choosing a small vacuum cleaner.


Small Vacuum Features

Some of the smaller sized vacuums have filters and high powered brushes that will allow for a greater level of filtration and pickup. When searching for the right model for your needs, check the wattage level, the brush type(s), and the type of filter on the model.

Models without filters tend to allow a fairly large percentage of dust to be blown around and not stored within the unit.

Those who have allergies or simply want their surroundings to be as clean as they can be will definitely want to find a small vacuum with a filter and a good brush. Most models clearly stated if the unit has a HEPA filters. The HEPA filters will remove and trap more than 99% of the allergens that your vacuum picks up.

Of course there are some other features to look for when you wish to buy a small vacuum as outline in this article.


Advantages of Using Portable Vacuum Cleaners

A small or portable vacuum is a convenient tool when cleaning homes or commercial buildings. It will allow for quick and complete pickup of dirt, debris, hair, and pet fur.

Smaller vacuums allow users to quickly clean areas such as vehicles, stairs, furniture, and draperies without having to lug around a large vacuum that simply would not work well for these uses.


  1. Lightweight, smaller in size

The demand for small vacuum cleaners is increasing tremendously due to a number of reasons. These vacuum cleaners are coming with similar features of large vacuum cleaners except the size. Compared to large ones, small vacuum cleaners are light weighted and flexible. Therefore, you can handle it very easily and effortlessly. Due to the smaller size, you can pull, push, carry or lift it very easily.

Easier to store is the other major advantage of small vacuum cleaners. If the space is a constraint, small vacuum is the perfect solution because it does not take much space for storage. Many can be tucked away in areas such as storage closets, under a bed, or next to a refrigerator. A smaller sized vacuum is efficient, lighter, and quieter than other options.

Small vacuums like handheld or stick vacs come in a variety of sizes and shapes that are convenient and easy to move from one area to another. Many men and women find small vacuums much easier to use because they don’t require heavy lifting. Those who suffer from back or neck pain appreciate small vacuums portability and ease of use.


  1. Quiet Vacuum

Those who don’t like the noise that regular sized vacuums can dish out will appreciate the sound levels from small vacuums. The motor of these types of vacuum cleaners is smaller. Therefore, they work quieter than larger ones. If you are not ready to tolerate the drone of large vacuum cleaners, smaller one is the best option. You can also use it even when the others are sleeping.

Most regular size vacuums create around 70 decibels while smaller vacuums can be as much as 10 decibels less than this. The difference is comparable to listening to a couple of people talking, instead of listening to a loud vacuum.


  1. Cheaper Price

Another important benefit is that small vacuums are typically cheaper than their larger counterparts. So, you need not spend more money to keep your indoors perfectly clean. It is also the best for small houses and caravans because of its small size. You can also do the work more efficiently and quickly with it.

Many smaller vacuums offer similar options and power in a smaller unit at a variety of prices with a variety of colors and designs to choose from. To find the perfect small vacuum you have been looking for, think of your must have list and set a budget that you are comfortable with.



Usually you need a small vacuum for quick cleaning but if you want effective cleaning, you should get a more powerful machines like upright and canister vac.

Unless you are staying in a small apartment without pet, then a portable vacuum can be an ideal choice. This site also provides recommendations and reviews on some of the reliable stick vacuums for your reference.

Stick Vacuum Buying Guide

The world of today is used to being given instant results. It started with instant coffee which means all that a person needs to do is to pour in the mixture and voila, instant hot coffee. Consumers today look after the same features when they shop for cordless stick vacuums.

Those who have invented useful cleaning implements like these cordless stick vacuums share the same sentiment as the other household or business owner who is looking for cleaning tools that makes cleaning easy and fast. Not all home owners do vacuum their home every day. This is quite impractical since most of the people of today are leading hectic lives.

This is one of the things that an owner must consider when planning to purchase the best stick vacuum 2015. Gauging from feedback coming from real consumers review means these vacuums have been tested and tried. There is no such thing as the perfect vacuum cleaner.

One can find from the list of the best cordless stick vacuum one of the specimens of almost perfect cleaning tool. Some vacuum cleaners look identical when place side by side with other models sold on Amazon but not all of these deliver the same results.


Factors to Consider When Looking For the Best Stick Vacuum Cleaner

  1.  Choose Between Upright and Canister Types

Most upright vacuum has the motor and suction head located in front area while canisters are lightweight and can easily be carried up and down the stairs. Upright vacuums can be easily slide up and moved around. It is so easy to reach even higher areas or low spaces since an upright vacuum comes with a flexible hose. Canisters are good for houses that have small storage spaces. Most users’ complaint that canister vacuum leave behind some minor damages to furniture legs. This happens when the hose is accidentally pulled during cleaning time. Using canister vacuums means the user must change the heads when cleaning different type of surfaces. The best way to settle this issue is to try out the models before finally making a decision to purchase either one of this two.


  1.  Great Suction Power

Even users of the best rated vacuum cleaners 2013 will find that suction power is one of the features that they first look for. Suction power is measured in terms of watts and sometimes in airwatts. Simply put, the larger the vacuum motor the better is its suction power. An owner who is after great suction power must learn to compromise since she has to deal with the extra noise produce by the suction power. There are vacuums that are protected with a special cover to mute the noise but this means an additional weight on the supposedly compact vacuum cleaner.


  1.  Good Functionality

For people who love to have the best bang for their hard earn bucks they need to research on the best lightweight stick vacuum that they can use even on hardwood flooring. They eliminate the dust that usually stick to these hard flooring. Most of this type of vacuum cleaners does not have beater brushes. This is because they can cause scratch marks on the floor. Another helpful function that they should look for is the best stick vacuum for pet hair. This is specifically true for pet owners whether they own a dog or bird. Birds shed their feathers while they happily flap in their cages while the dog leaves behind its hairs even when it’s just sitting down on the couch or carpet.

The market today has its fair share of wet/dry vacuums. In the past this are huge models but now there are smaller models sold in the market. These helpful features will not disinfect the floors though. A good choice is to shop for a wet cleaner that leaves a thin and fast drying trail of water behind. Keep in mind that this is very important since generally water left behind on a hardwood floor will damage the wood.


  1.  Warranties

Even the best value vacuum cleaner comes with only 1 year warranties still there are companies that do offer additional coverage of warranties from 3 to 5 years more. It is better to read the warranty policies of companies which can be found in their product website. Some warranties give full coverage which means if the product breaks down the user can ask for a replacement when it is beyond repair.


Ways to Use These Stick Vacuums

  • It can replace brooms since it has a sweeping motion. It is now easy to clear after crumbs and dirt after the family finishes their meal
  • Even seniors will find out that stick vacuums are lightweight and can easily be handled without the need to call for additional help
  • Instant clean up especially during those times when there are surprise visitors and the house needs a quick clean up
  • Easy to clean up after a day of sewing or craft making
  • Keep this stick vacuum whenever there is a need to clean up lint from clothes in laundry areas especially before ironing up the clothes
  • So easy to clean up when it is time to camp out with the family. Since this vacuum is packed with its battery life. Just do not forget to charge it before leaving the house

In ending, stick vacuum ratings will always serve as good guides in pointing consumers toward the pros and cons of purchasing a particular stick vacuum. There is no denying that each home needs these cleaning tools to keep the home clean. Most families purchase two pieces of stick vacuum: one for cleaning large areas and one for smaller and hard to reach areas.

New inventions have come up with installing these useful features in only just one stick vacuum. This means the home owners got to save on the cost of purchasing only one vacuum. New developments produce newer models that forego the need for replacement dirt bags. Again this means additional savings for the owner.

The Popular Brands of Stick Vacuum Cleaners

We know that every day a new product hits a market and makes everyone shocked because not everyone can buy such technological products. Everyone wants to but there is s difference not everyone can buy such products. We know that people are using large size vacuum cleaners but stick vacuum cleaners are the part of market.

The stick vac cleaners are another type of vacuum cleaner which is very effortless plus durable to use. It is basically a new trend in the field of vacuum cleaners. The stick vacuums are very small in size and are very light too. They are just like handheld vacuum cleaners and share the similar properties.

According to the research stick vacuum is used by the people who live in flats that is they have very small living place. It has been seen that in small setting very low dirt comes out but it should be kept in mind that these vacuums clean and remove the dust at their best. The cordless stick vacuum can easily be operated by people who are very young and have their own rooms.

The best stick model is the solution for the people who have difficulty in handling a large size or heavier vacuum cleaner. They are best use where there is less storage space and thus they can grasp the dirt which they found in less or minimum space. The stick vacuum ratings are quite high which simply indicates that people are using them and they are satisfied with the performance and how they work basically.


Stick Vacuum Brand

We all know that Eureka is the good company and they are manufacturing a wide range of products and one of them is eureka stick vacuum which performs the function rightly as its other vacuum cleaners does. Just like other handheld vacuum cleaners HEPA stick vacuum do not have any effective deep-cleaning ability as they have low ratings in this category.

The cordless stick or portable vacuums are also in the market and these are the cleaners that are chargeable. If you are working people then you can simply charge the stick vac at night and at the morning you can clean the home or at the evening. When you have stick cordless vacuum cleaner you do not have to wait for the electricity and you can get the benefit even if there is no power.

The Hoover stick vacuums just like handheld vacs have the high rating on different websites. They also have HEPA filter which is the requirement of today. They effectively control the dust particles and some features like cordless and bagless stick vacuum is the cleaner which has three advantages that are bagless, chargeable or battery operated and 2-in-1 convertible vacuum (stick and handheld).

The Dirt Devil stick vacs also contain both bagless and bag vacuum. For the bag vacuum cleaner it is obvious that you have to change the bag when the green light of your vacuum cleaner is sparkling. The bagless are more important as you do not need to go for buying an extra bag. Some bagless stick vacuums also have HEPA filters and thus what else you want to have if you are having everything in one vacuum cleaner.

The Electrolux stick vacuum has good reputation in producing several 2-in-1 vacuum cleaners. They also have good suction power and 180 degree swivel nozzle for faster cleaning. The cordless stick vacuum sweeper sweep the dust as dust and debris have not been there before and they are chargeable plus they are effective as the companies make no compromise on that.

Of course there are other popular brands available in the market like Dirt Devil, Dyson, Shark, Bissell, Dibea, etc. So, choose a model that are suitable for you.


Stick Vacuum Maintenance and Safety Precaution Guide

Lists of Stick Vacuum Maintenance and Instructions

[table id=1 /]

People always neglect to read the vacuum cleaner maintenance and safety guide as they think that they already know but we believe the following guide is worth for you to read it at least once.

To maintain maximum cleaning performance and to extend the life of your stick vacuum cleaner, the following maintenance steps should take into considerations:

  • To reduce the risk of injury from moving parts and/or electrical shock, always turn the POWER OFF and disconnect the power cord/cable from electrical outlet before performing the maintenance or troubleshooting.
  • Every vacuum come with the user guide/manual, you are encourage to read the manual carefully before starting to use it. If necessary, consult the manufacturer specialists seeking advices.
  • It’s recommended that you do not use the stick vacuum in outdoor areas and on wet surfaces.
  • The dirt container should be emptied before debris reaches the FULL mark. This is because low suction or poor pickup may due to clog in the dirt container. Some vacuum have the container full alert so you not need to worry about this.
  • Cleaning and replacing the filters as necessary. Always use the genuine filters by the manufacturer’s to avoid any issues of un-consistency.
  • Regularly check the rear brush and front wipers on the underside of the vacuum and remove any debris that has accumulated with a cloth.
  • To avoid excessive heat and damage to the unit or batteries, do not operate the vacuum cleaner while charging.
  • Locate charger indoors in a cool, dry area, not exposed to weather to avoid electrical shock and/or cleaner damage.
  • Store the vacuum in a nice and tidy place and out of reach of children.
  • Do not operate the vacuum cleaner or charger if it has been damaged in any way. If cleaner is not working as it should, has been dropped, damaged, left outdoors, or dropped into water, return it to a service center.
  • Do not pull or carry by the cord, use cord as a handle, close door on cord, or pull cord around sharp edges or corners. Keep cord away from heated surfaces.
  • Do not unplug by pulling on cord. To unplug, grasp the charger, not the cord.
  • Do not handle the charger or vacuum cleaner with wet hands.
  • Leaks from battery cells can occur under extreme usage or temperature conditions. If the liquid gets on your skin or vacuum, wash and clean it as necessary and replace the battery cells.
  • Do not allow to be used as a toy. Close attention is necessary when used by or near children.
  • Do not pick up anything that is burning or smoking, such as cigarettes, matches, or hot ashes.
  • Do not use to pick up flammable or combustible liquids such as gasoline, or use on areas where they may be present.
  • Do not dispose of battery in a fire or trash compactor. It must be recycled or disposed of in accordance with local regulations. Please consult your Yellow Pages or local recycling center for more information.

To conclude, it’s always good if you can take serious note on the vacuum maintenance guide. As you are dealing with electricity while using the vacuum, you must ensure that the safety precaution is always in your highest priority.

Stick Vacuum Cleaners: Which Type is Most Suitable For You?

Stick vacuum cleaners are very essential tools which assist to you clean and sanitize your house efficiently and easily. On the other hand, they are expensive and as a result, you can’t have enough resources to purchase or test many vacuums.

You want the most excellent, cost friendly and most functional vacuum proficient in meeting your cleaning requirement. Consequently, the market is filled with many vacuum cleaners which are sub-standard and low quality and thus, making selection overwhelming and expensive.

Nevertheless, most vacuum cleaners are functional, economical, user friendly as well as convenient under various applications. This article will let you discover some of the trusted stick vacuum brand as well as the quality models.


The Features That Make A Stick Vacuum Different

1.)   Bagged vs Bagless

One of the best innovations of stick vacuum cleaners is the bagless one. This kind of vacuum cleaner became common in the business or house cleaning market compared to vacuum cleaners which is bagged. On the other hand, a bagless vacuum is more expensive than a bagged one. Eventually, the cost will really pay for the quality that the bagless type of vacuum cleaner provides.

Bagless can also save you a significant amount of money as you don’t require purchasing vacuum bags. However, it requires maintenance and some of the expensive ones comprise of a filter which can be washes several times prior to replacing it. This makes the bagless vacuum cleaner cheaper compared to bagged vacuum cleaners. Most bagless cleaners are top quality and can survive regular use. Bagless vacuum cleaners are becoming trendy these days because of the benefits they provide compared to bagged vacuum cleaners.

2.) Corded vs cordless

What are the best stick vacuum cleaners available – corded or the cordless one? A lot of people choose cordless stick vacuum cleaners as this allows them to clean the whole area of the house without plugging and unplugging the wire. This also avoids the occurrence of mishaps because of wires. However, you need to consider how long the battery of a cordless vacuum will last.

With the corded vacuums, you need to consider how long is the power cord in order to avoid plugging and re-plugging while vacuuming. This also depends to your room size as most of the length of the corded stick vacuums out there is able to clean a small to medium rooms.


Reliable Brands and Models Recommended

There are lots of stick vacuum cleaner manufacturers in the market today. However, manufacturers like Hoover and Electrolux was in the market that produces high quality vacuums and generally are more expensive.

The stick vacuums by Bissell and Eureka are cheaper and most of their models are below $100. This makes it very affordable and most of the users will give it a try. But this also doesn’t mean that the vacuum is low in quality. Look at the specific model user reviews (such as from Amazon) and you will know whether the vacuum is worth to get or not.


1.)   Bissell Stick Vacuum – Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Vacuum, 81L2A

This stick vacuum cleaner captures pet hair and debris along edges, corners as well as in narrow and tight areas without attachments. It has a V-shaped style for cleaning baseboards and edges. The base of the machine has wipers that are constructed of the hair attracting component to pick up pet hair and dirt. It is easy to maneuver around furniture.

The V-shaped wiper pressures all of the big fragments on the flooring into the middle suction path, whilst the small elements are suctioned down the arms. Because the wiper of this vacuum cleaner is made of rubber materials, they assist to gather large amounts of pet hair. The base design enables easy and stress free cleaning of baseboards, furniture legs and tight places.

You can read more detailed review of this Bissell vacuum here.


2.)   Eureka Stick Vacuum – Eureka 2-in-1 Stick and Hand Vacuum, Instant Clean 95A 

The Eureka stick vacuum cleaner Instant clean 95A is a cordless cleaner that conveniently tackles mess fast with its cordless style. This is a 2-in-1 cleaner that changes from a stick vacuum cleaner to a hand held vacuum cleaner for fast pickups in a single design. The on and off brushroll keys picks up fragments, allergies and dust from bare floorings, area rugs and legs of furniture.

This remarkable stick vac is also suitable for pets and hardwood floor. Easily picks up pet hair and other tiny elements, the stick vacuum cleaner from Eureka is also simple to use. This is why it is considered one of the most sought after vacuum cleaners in the market.

For more detailed features and genuine review of the Eureka 2-in-1 vacuum, visit this page.


3.)   Electrolux Stick Vacuum – Ergorapido 2-in-1 Stick and Handheld Vacuum, EL2055B

The Electrolux stick vacuum cleaner Ergorapido is an ideal home and commercial appliance for cleaning the house fast. It is reliable in picking up allergies and dusts. This cleaner is expertly made to provide easy cleaning which fits your stylish lifestyle.

The exceptional features of this stick vacuum cleaner are snap spring filter and no touch dust cup, two position key, motorized brush roll, wall mountable, quality battery, cyclonic wind technology, versatile tools, 2 in 1 functions,  stylish and 180 degree original swivel power.

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4.)   Hoover Stick Vacuum – Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum

Forget your scoops and brooms with this simple to use, silky looking cordless stick vacuum cleaner from Hoover. This highly flexible stick vacuum cleaner is powered by a rechargeable battery that makes this device easy to maneuver without fussing about faltering on wires.

This is armed with an extended nozzle in order to reach places under your furniture. Cleaning the house has become incredibly effortless using this stick vacuum cleaner because of its bagless features. This cleaner is equipped with a border cleaning brush that removes dirt from wall corners and tight places. This is one of the best stick vacuums out there.

I highly recommend you read the full review of the Hoover Linx cordless stick vac here.

Nowadays, cleaning your floor and carpets is easier since superb cleaning machines are available for you. A powerful and tool is now accessible in the market to assist you to clean the house efficiently and thoroughly. Stick vacuum cleaners have a great capability in eliminating dirt which sticks on the furniture and carpet.

The Differences Between Stick Vacuums and Upright Vacuums

When looking for the two of the most popular vacuums in the market, it best that you know the difference between stick vacuums and upright vacuums. With choosing between the two, it is best that you know the specific types of floorings where the vacuums should be used to make sure that you will get the right one for your needs.

If your home has wall to wall carpeting, it is best that you choose to get an upright vacuum. For hard floors, the stick vacuum is the better option that you can choose. It can also be used for quick suctions in small areas covered by carpets.


Stick VS Upright Vacuums: Comparing The Features, Appearance, Storage, Weight and Cost

When comparing stick vs upright vacuums, it is best that you will consider the features of both types to make sure that you can get the best product suited for your needs. In this way, you can make sure that you will spend a good amount of money with the product that you may choose. When talking about efficiency, both vacuums have its own advantages, since different companies have applied their own filtration technologies with such products.

But when it comes to appearance and structure, there is a big difference between stick vacuums and upright vacuums. Stick vacuums are much better to look at than upright vacuums, since most stick vacuums have their dust containers made within the stick where the dust collected is kept cleanly.

When it comes to the performance, it is known that stick vacuums performs half of what the upright vacuums can do. Upright vacuums can do all the heavy cleanings in your home while the stick one can do only half of it. This is mainly due to uprights are corded while stick vac got the cordless models. After all, many people say stick vac is the lightweight version of uprights.

When it comes to the comparison of a stick vacuum vs upright vacuum with its storage space that the products take, stick vacuum is better. If you lack the space for storing another vacuum space, a stick vacuum is the best choice for you. Since it does not include a large dust bag, you can just fit it in the tool cabinet and make it ready for the next cleanup you will have.

With the cost difference between stick vacuums and upright vacuums, only depends upon the brand that you want to purchase. The prices always vary with the features that you would choose and the model type, as well. But generally, stick vacuum cleaners are slightly cheaper than upright.

With the weight difference between stick vacuums and upright vacuums, both are known to be lightweight but stick vacuum is much lighter. Since this type of vacuum cleaner is not carrying any dust bag that would add with its weight, you are assured that you can carry it comfortably around your home and store it easily.


Conclusion: Consider What You Needs!

Since the difference between stick vacuums and upright vacuums covers many criteria, you should be wary of the certain things where you can get more benefits. In this way, you are assured that what you are planning to purchase is the one suitable for all your needs. You just have to make sure that you have considered all of the important features that you want between the two and purchase it for that longer term of usage.

Recommended Stick Vacuum: Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum.

Recommended Upright Vacuum: Shark Professional Navigator Lift-Away NV356E

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